What does an issue look like when it is faceted?

I want to create an alert that will create an issue for every incident from a faceted NRQL query. However, I have doubts about what the issue will look like when raised. Will it include the facet value? For example, given the following query SELECT COUNT(*) FROM TABLE FACET GROUP and considering foobar is a value that can be found in the group field, will it be included anywhere in the raised issue? Thank you!

Hi, @matheussilva.santos: Here is an issue triggered by a FACET:

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Is LON-Jupiter-T4000-Core-Router the name of the field? It seems I need a custom description to have the facetvalue, then.

The alert condition looks like this:

FROM Metric SELECT filter(uniqueCount(device_name), WHERE PollingHealth = 'BAD') FACET device_name

I don‘t think you have to do anything to have the FACET appear in the incident. Try it!

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