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What does "not authorized for account - R2" mean?



Hi @ravneet.gill

No problem, I have created a support ticket for you, someone should be in touch shortly, :slight_smile:


In order to attempt to narrow the gap here, I thought I would update this thread on the most common used solution for when you see this error:

Since this is a permissions issue, the first troubleshooting step, and easiest solution, is always: have a chat with your account owner at your company about getting proper access. Or they can discuss with you why your permission level is where it isโ€”a question our Support Engineers will not have insight into.

If you have already tried this, and/or your owner is no longer available for you to chat with, let us know here in this thread and our Account Experts will try their best to get you sorted. You should know this is a a bit of a lengthy process, which is why I encourage you all to start with that first step mentioned above. :arrow_double_up: Thanks!


Hi. Can you activate my account, please?


I can sure try!

Look out for an email, @Dean.Napper! :blush:


Iโ€™m having same issue. Can you re-activate my account? thx


Thanks for letting me know, @kfrantzich! You should be getting an email shortly! Let us know when you are all sorted.


Have exactly the same issue. Could you, please, reactive my account?


@dami107 - I just opened up a ticket for you. Our account experts can help you out in that ticket. Watch out for the email :mailbox_with_mail:


I have the same issue.


Hey @bobsmart - Iโ€™ll open up a ticket for you. Our account experts will help you out over there.


same issue for me, can I have a ticket raised please?


You got it @rhys.powell - Watch out in your email inbox. :smiley: