What does "request Per Minute" mean?

I was wondering if you can clarify as to what exactly is being measure by the “request Per Minute”

Is each request the browser sends a “request” even though it’s part of a single page load?

Are images/CSS/JS files counted into the mix?



Hi Eugene,

The answer might be different based upon where you are seeing that number. I notice that you are using only PHP apps, but that you also use browser monitoring, so I can speak to the number in both of those situations. We count rpm as “transactions” - in the case of a php app, that is something that php code generates. Some people use php to serve static content, but that is a minority usage, so in the case of your php views it is 99% likelihood that each request is a separate browser request - that is “index.php”, not all of the css, images, etc, that the php might refer the browser to load separately.

In the case of browser metrics, we can get a different number - since you might have a one-page site that is index.php as far as your server is concerned, but the browser does different actions via AJAX that may cause another “browser transaction” outside of the php transaction. Still, those numbers reflect actual “page loads” and not associated JS or other static content loading.

If you have a more interesting case that you don’t feel I’ve addressed, or you’re looking at some other page than the basic ones (I looked briefly around your account but didn’t see any obscure plugin usage, but I have not run down every possibility), please let me know and I’ll be happy to revisit the issue to address your specific use case.

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