What functionality will be lost by removing JSESSIONID cookie


Ive read through the documentation concerning the JSESSIONID cookie, but it is still unclear what functionality will be lost by removing this cookie.

What effect will turning this cookie off have?

Hello @sysadmin49! Thank you for the question on the JSESSIONID cookie. The Browser agent uses this cookie to store a session identifier so that New Relic can monitor session counts for an application.

You can read more about it below and please note that it’s listed as strictly necessary.



As mentioned above, these cookies and other technologies are essential to enabling your use of our Site and Services and its features. Without these cookies, services we would provide (such as permitting log-in into the service) cannot be provided. These cookies may be associated with personal data.

Thank you again!

Hi @cfrankenfield

Thanks for your reply.

Unfortunatly Im still not clear what functionality would be effected by the removal of that cookie. The documents imply that it is the session monitoring functionality only.

Is that the case?


@sysadmin49 Thanks for the followup and happy to help!

The session attribute wouldn’t be collected, so for example, if you were querying for PageView or BrowserInteraction data, you wouldn’t be able to see a unique identifier for a single session. You wouldn’t be able to correlate unique sessions across data types.

Here’s more information in the browser agent release notes if you haven’t already seen this that may add more context:



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