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What happened to OpenTracing Support Preview?



What happened to opentracing support? We are investgating tracing solutions and the following seems dead:

Of course, deploying those capabilities toward the most useful distributed tracing solutions requires feedback from customers. I hope you’ll join us in this journey by signing up for updates on the progress of this preview at

However the link redirects to (edited)


Hi Mustafa - Thanks for your interest in OpenTracing support. We’re working on a distributed tracing solution that we believe you and our customers will love. Sorry that the link to sign up for updates is broken. I’ve added you to my list so you can receive updates.


Hi Mustafa - Sorry for the broken link! We made some change a couple weeks back and broke it. We haven’t finished fixing all the redirects, but the form is live again right now on this page:

Again, really sorry for the mistake. And thanks for letting us know, and your interest in distributed tracing!


Does the release of New Relic’s (apparently) proprietary distributed tracing mean that the goal of support for the OpenTracing and OpenCensus standards has been dropped?


Hi @rurounijones - Distributed Tracing is the name of the feature within New Relic, although I understand it is based on the OpenTracing standards.


The issue here is that it does not appear (again, as far as I can tell) to support the OpenTracing API standard in applications.

For example if I have a ruby application instrumented with OpenTracing and have the tracer set with:

OpenTracing.global_tracer = 'localhost', port: 6831, service_name: 'test_service')

(Jaeger is Uber’s Opentracing system) I cannot simply switch out to NewRelic:

OpenTracing.global_tracer = 'test_service')