What happened to Sales? Renewal coming up and sales is AWOL

We’re a current New Relic Customer

We used to have a sales rep named Rene but their emails are bouncing. I’ve tried reaching out thru the contact us form and phone but I can’t reach anyone. Every sales contact email address I’ve dragged up is bouncing back.

We have a CU based account, which is coming up for renewal.

I’m trying to figure out what plan is best for us. To continue on a CU based plan, or move to the usage based.

I read some about the usage based billing and I think we might be under the 100 gb a month limit, but it’s hard to tell based on the complexity required to get any usage data out of One. I’m also unable to switch to Usage based billing because I don’t have the “Plans and Pricing” option under billing, as described in this document: Switch to new pricing and user models | New Relic Documentation

  1. How can I figure out the Data ingest per month if I’m on the CU based plan?
  2. If I wanted to switch to Usage based billing do we need to change anything in our API calls?
  3. If we wanted to switch, how can I do so without having access to “Plans and Pricing”?

Help please.

@morgan9 Welcome to the community :slight_smile: Some of our processes have changed a bit. Apologies for the confusion. I’m going to create a ticket so that we can put you in contact with our customer advocate team.