What happened to the account I set up?

Hi. I had set up a New Relic account a couple months ago and it was working and collecting data…

Today, I log in and see that what I had setup is all gone.

I see weird settings that suggest what I am logging into is an old New Relic account that used to be used with Acquia. They stopped offering New Relic many years ago… so I don’t understand how the account reverted back to that…

No, I am not using a different login. It’s been the same login all this time.

I think the Organization I created is no longer tied to this account.
And this old organization that was created by Acquia took over.
I cannot edit that information under the settings. It says I don’t have permission to when I previously had access.

Hi @vfp

Welcome to the community, I hope you are well.

This is a little tricky to fully support as there I am not sure which account you cant access. Can you confirm the account id.

However what I can see, is there are currently 3 accounts associated to this email. This could be an issue related to Relic Solution: So you've created a new account and can't seem to access your old account. Please follow along these guidelines and let me know if you can access the correct account.

On a side note, the old account may have instead cancelled their subscription and the owner may not have requested a deletion, which would still allow it to retain its free functions.

Please do let me know if the above was helpful, or if you have any additional questions!

Gosh. This is pretty convoluted.

Thanks for the guide. I think I figured it out.

I want to keep account 3475933.

Please delete account 47021. That’s the old Acquia account I have no admin access for.

I don’t see a 3rd account using the instructions you provided. If there is a 3rd one, please delete that one too. I just want to keep the one I mentioned above.


Hi @vfp

Thanks for reaching back out.

Apologies, I know some instructions can seem like they have a lot of details but I am glad you resolved the issue.

As for account deletion of account 47021 please follow How to delete your Organization and it will guide you through the steps needed to follow.

The other account I see is a cancelled account, account id 465731. I will need to create a case on your behalf with the accounts team for its deletion. Please note they will reach out via email please follow along there for details.

Feel free to reach out with any additional questions!

The instructions you provided do not work because I do not own the organization.

Please just disconnect my email from that organization.
It was something created by our previous hosting provider and they have not responded to my request to remove me.

Hi @vfp

I see you are still conversing with our Accounts team, it will be faster to request them to remove you from the account. As I would need to create another case with them to achieve this.

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All sorted with Account Team.

@vfp thanks for confirming, we greatly appreciate your confirmation.

Wishing you a great day!