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What happens to running Server agents after May 15th?



We have several hundred server that are running the server agent that we need to stop and uninstall but we need to know if there is any imperative to do that prior to May 15th when the Servers product is EOL? Will the agent do anything unusual after that date like start spooling data to a local file or memory or throw a million errors into event logs or anything that we need to be aware of that we should prioritize the agent removal before the 15th deadline? Thanks


Hi @jburke - There is a topic specifically created to explain everything around Infrastructure and server agents.


Hi @stefan_garnham,
I looked though there but didn’t see anything specifically around what happens to servers running the old agent after the cutoff on the 15th. I understand that the data capture stops on the New Relic side but the agents that are still active will still be trying to connect. We are trying to determine if they will be trying to spool up that data locally or start dropping “Cannot connect” messages into the event log every minute or something that will cause a problem. If there is a chance they will cause an issue since they won’t be able to connect any longer, we will need to prioritize removal of the agent. If not, it can wait and we can schedule it in our normal maintenance cycle which means the agents could be running for a couple of weeks after the agents can no longer connect.


You will need to turn the agents off if you don’t want logs full of connection failure messages.