What HTTP status should we expect from delete account REST API?

I want to implement the delete account api provided by your platform:
DELETE /api/v2/partners/PARTNER_ID/accounts/:ID

The issue that I have is I was not able to find out exactly what HTTP status should I expect for a successful request. In the documentation is just mentioned that:
" New Relic uses conventional HTTP response codes to indicate success or failure of an API request. In general, codes in the 2xx range indicate success and codes in the 4xx range indicate an error that resulted from the provided information (for example, a required parameter was missing)." - but I want to know precisely which 2xx status will be returned.
Could you help me with this information or where can it be found?
Thank you!

Hello cmota,

Thank you for asking! When sending a DELET call via the partner API, a successful response from the would be 200 OK. We don’t list out all successful API responses in our documentation but they would indeed all be within the 2xx range. That said, that is good feedback for our documentation team. I’ll be happy to relay that feedback to our team to consider adding those specific responses.


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