What is Applied Intelligence (AI) - an FAQ

What is Applied Intelligence?

Applied Intelligence empowers you with AIOps capabilities to proactively detect and resolve incidents faster by finding problems earlier, enriching triggered incidents with context and guidance, and bringing you closer to the root cause. It gives you the ability to automatically correlate, aggregate, and prioritize your incident data across the tools you already use to eliminate alert noise and drive faster MTTR.

How is Applied Intelligence different from Alerts?

While both Alerts and Applied Intelligence help your team respond to incidents faster, Applied Intelligence assists in all stages of the incident response workflow — detection, diagnosis, and response — whereas Alerts are focused on the first stage, detecting issues.

Both Alerts and New Relic AI Proactive Detection apply to the detection phase of the incident response workflow. Alerts detect incidents after they have occured, are rule-based, and are manually created, requiring knowledge of your environment and appropriate thresholds. New Relic AI proactively detects and adds context to anomalies in your environment, before they turn into issues, using AI and Machine Learning (ML) and, without manual direction, can highlight areas where alerts should be created.

Beyond issue detection, New Relic AI Incident Intelligence uses AI and ML to help teams diagnose issues faster by reducing alert noise through suppression of low-priority, auto-resolving and flapping issues, and correlating related incidents into one, rolled-up issue.

When it comes to incident response, New Relic AI helps on-call engineers diagnose and get to root cause faster by enriching issues with context – such as related components, SRE Golden Signals, and a suggested responder – and delivers information directly to the incident response tools teams are already using (e.g. PagerDuty), so no time is lost when responding to an issue.

What features/capabilities do I get with an Applied Intelligence subscription?

Applied Intelligence includes AIOps capabilities addressing the entire incident response workflow - detection, diagnosis, and response. The capabilities within Applied intelligence include Proactive Detection, which proactively detects and explains anomalies in your environment before they become issues, and Incident Intelligence, which reduces alert noise and enriches incidents with context and guidance so you can reduce MTTR and get closer to root cause faster. If you’d like to learn more about specific features included in Proactive Detection and Incident Intelligence, click here.

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