What is Full Stack Observability (FSO) - an FAQ

What is Full-Stack Observability?

Full-Stack Observability is the power of knowing what is happening in your digital system and why, at any time, whatever solution you’re using. It’s getting the whole picture of everything that enables your applications and devices to deliver value to your customers, from the container running a microservice in the cloud to a mobile website’s shopping cart button.

What additional New Relic One platform features are added with a Full-Stack Observability subscription?

Full-Stack Observability includes the solutions you need to get end-to-end observability of your entire software stack. Specifically, it includes APM, infrastructure monitoring, digital experience monitoring (Browser for Real User Monitoring, Mobile for Native apps, and synthetic monitoring), Serverless monitoring, and Logs. Also included are curated experiences that help you better understand and troubleshoot your system: health maps, service maps, key transactions, entity explorer, Alerts, Kubernetes cluster explorer, and more. All of this is supplemented with the ability to flexibly query the data to build custom dashboards to your specific needs with NRQL, PromQL, or the language-agnostic Data Explorer. Finally, with Full-Stack Observability, you also have the ability to manage, build, and subscribe to custom apps.

What agents are open sourced with this launch?

We are open sourcing Python, Ruby, .NET, Go, and the infrastructure agents with the launch. This will soon be followed by Node, Java, and PHP agents.

How do I report Bugs / Feature Ideas with open source agents?

You can continue to submit Feature Ideas here in the Explorers Hub as always. The community team (@JoiConverse @RyanVeitch @hross @ebeach) will get those sent to the product management team for you.
Bugs should be reported instead to the relevant github repo, for example, a bug in the Infrastructure Agent would be reported here: https://github.com/newrelic/infrastructure-agent/issues

How do I use the New Relic agents that are in open source?

You can still use New Relic agents the same way you did in the past. You will be using the pre-compiled agents and will not need to access the New Relic open source code if you don’t want to. If you want to use or contribute to the open source agents, go here.

What do I get with the different tiers of Full-Stack Observability (Standard, Pro, Enterprise)?

The Standard tier includes: up to five users (one of whom is free), single accounts, 10,000 Synthetics checks per month, online community support, and more.

The Pro tier includes everything in the Standard tier plus: no user ceiling limits, multiple accounts, 1 million Synthetics checks per month, advanced security, user management support, commit pricing, and more.

The Enterprise tier includes everything in the Pro tier plus: 10 million Synthetics checks per month, highest level of support, a designated Technical Account Manager, FedRAMP, and more.

What happened to Insights?

Insights is still available in New Relic One (nested under the “More” menu). We’ve further enhanced our dashboarding capabilities, however, and encourage users to build and maintain custom visualizations using the Dashboards feature. Features only available in Dashboards include TV Mode cycling pages, Multi-Query, and Maps.

Where can I find Plugins?

Plugins are a critical part of monitoring and it can still be found in the New Relic One interface nested under the “More” menu.