What is SystemSample?

I am building a dashboard and a lot of documentation examples uses “Systemsample” and such.
Is this really just a Sample Database from somewhere? Is it a Random Sampling of your own servers?

Hi, @eric.hein: SystemSample is one of several event types reported by the Infrastructure agent. According to the documentation:

SystemSample contains data describing the current overall state of the entire server, including CPU, memory, disk, and network. We take a snapshot of this data every 5 seconds and package it into a SystemSample event, which is then sent to New Relic. This data appears in the Hosts UI page.

Its the line “overall state of the entire server” that confuses me. It makes it sound like its just getting data from one server. I am thinking it most likely means samples from many servers?

Each SystemSample event pertains to one server. If you have the Infrastructure agent installed on multiple servers, you will get SystemSample events from all of them.

Hi Phil, did newrelic store the sample somewhere in the server? i do like to read, parse, and make some programmatically decision for my app based on cpu usage. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

@faiz.rekatama: No, the sample is not stored on the server. It is stored in the New Relic database (NRDB). You may use NRQL to query the data.

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