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What is the Agent SDK?



The Agent SDK is a software development toolkit that allows you to build a custom agent for your applications written in languages that are not supported by one of our existing New Relic agents. This allows you to use New Relic APM features, such as Transaction Traces, Custom Metrics, and SQL Traces, to analyze your application’s performance.

The Agent SDK is implemented as a collection of C++ libraries with C APIs. You can use it to instrument code that can bind with C, and to run a service that will generate, aggregate, and send performance data up to New Relic.

If your language does not support making direct calls to C functions, then you will need to create a wrapper around the C APIs. You can do this manually or use tools such as SWIG or XS to generate a wrapper for you.

Additional Details

The Agent SDK ships with the following components:

  • A collection of C++ libraries
  • A collection of C APIs (headers)
  • A daemon (optional to use)

Operating System Requirements: 64-bit linux