What is the duration's unit while using in NRQL Alert Condition

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    My query is like:

    SELECT percentage(count(*), WHERE duration > 169 ) FROM Transaction Where name = ‘WebTransaction/RestWebService/ (GET)’

So, I wanted to understand the value that we pass with duration comparison, is it in seconds or milliseconds? Basically, I want to get the percentage of transaction that take more than 2 seconds for a particular endpoint. Then using this transaction I want to set a limit on the percentage of such transactions. For example., if 5% of such transactions exceed 2 seconds response time duration for more than 1 hours, I want to raise an Alert.

This is the chart that I get:

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When I see the APM for this transaction, for the same time period, I do not see any such type transaction that takes more than 3 seconds.

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Helpful Resources
Relic Solution: The key to consistent alert notifications

Troubleshooting downtime document

Transaction duration is recorded in seconds: https://docs.newrelic.com/attribute-dictionary/transaction/duration.

If you would like us to help troubleshoot, we will need the actual application and transaction names, so we can look at the data.

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