What query will split values within multi-attribute tags

Intent: I wish to represent all values within a tag-attribute in the Billboard widget

Question: What NRQL query should I write to split the values within a multi attribute tag. Example:
Synthetic 1 tag: ‘Brand: X, Brand: Y, Brand: Z’
Synthetic 2 tag: ‘Brand: A, Brand: X’
Synthetic 3 tag: ‘Brand: Z, Brand: X, Brand: Y’

Currently the values for Brand tag are stored like this:
X | Y | Z
A | X
Z | X | Y

I wish to split the pipe separated values, find the unique values and display it on the widget i.e. Widget displays

Hi, @sohag.sarkar: I don’t think it is possible to do this in NRQL.

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Thanks Phil, would you know of an alternative solution to this? Like is there another way to write the tags for example?

You can add them as separate attributes: tag1, tag2, tag3, etc. You may have a different number of tag attributes in each event.

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Yes, I was prospecting the same thing with my team. Example: Brand1, Brand2, Brand3…etc… Let me see how that goes. Thanks!

Keep us posted @sohag.sarkar!