What will happen to the daemon when servers goes EOL


Can you please tell us what will happen to the NR servers client when the product goes EOL. Will it carry on running using (admittedly small) resources or will it shut itself down? I assume you have tested enough that the client won’t use more resources once it can’t phone home any more?

We are responsible for the NR servers client on machines for around 200 customers. Each customer appears to have NR servers going EOL on different dates. This is causing us a management nightmare.

Thank you

Update: To be clear, I am talking about the newrelic-sysmond daemon running on the (Linux) server

HI @dogsbody - More information can be found on the announcement

Hi @stefan_garnham - Sorry but I cannot find anything in all the links that describes what happens to the client/daemon running on the server when NR EOL servers.

I did search hard before posting here. Please do link me to something if I have missed it. Thank you

From the linked post:

After the EOL date, New Relic Servers and the legacy alerting features will no longer be available in the New Relic user interface and data processing will stop.

@stefan_garnham That is not what I am asking though is it! :slight_smile:

That relates entirely to the New Relic user interface. I am asking about the daemon that each one of us has installed and is running on each server. What happens to that?

As I originally asked. Will it shut itself down? Will it continue using resources? Will it loop uncontrollably because it can no longer phone home!?

To clarify, is the daemon reporting the APM statistics, used for plugins, or other?

I am just talking about the daemon that sends data to NR servers: newrelic-sysmond

I am not talking about the daemon used by APM which is newrelic-daemon

Can anyone (from NewRelic) answer my question please!? :-/

APM does not change. It is only the Server agent which is coming to EOL.

Now I KNOW you are just trolling me!

I have posted this is the NewRelic Servers section of the forum. Every message has been about NewRelic servers including my last reply which specifically stated…

I am not talking about the daemon used by APM

I have asked the same question regarding the NewRelic Servers daemon many times and am just being ignored by NewRelic :frowning:

Hey there, @dogsbody—Looks like we have a classic miscommunication here.

@stefan_garnham Thanks for jumping in and providing what you know! Our experts here on the New Relic side appreciate the help!

I think what @dogsbody is looking for is: Will the pesky newrelic-sysmond daemon keep on running and clog things up for ~200 customers that will be affected by Servers EOL?

The short answer is, when that ‘Servers’ tab goes away, that daemon will keep on doing it’s thing.

However, the worst case scenario we are looking at is that IF the ingest shuts off and that daemon sits and stores and stores and stores, it will be a huge strain. BUT the good news is that this particular daemon will only be collecting 5 minutes of data at the time of EOL. Then it purges and starts on the newest 5 minutes.

There is an uninstall process that you can share! You can distribute this document to your ~200 customers:


and let them know that when that ‘Servers’ tab disappears, they can simply uninstall the daemon. That way it won’t take much of your system’s resources, and minimal impact is to be expected.

I hope that gets you closer to the answer you need! Let us know. :blush:


Thank you @Linds this is exactly the info we needed. We will be uninstalling for all our customers with current maintenance plans however there are a subset of customers that have installed NewRelic on our recommendation and don’t have a maintenance plan. We want to make sure we haven’t set them up to fail.

Thank you very much again for your reply.

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Absolutely! @dogsbody Glad to hear I could help with your plan to set your customers up for success.

Please reach out again if you need anything else!