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When trying to send the source map returns an error:


{“status”:401,“details”:“Application 15490977 does not exists in account 2472143”}

Although this application is in this account, what should I do?
using @newrelic/publish-sourcemap


Hey @lukerockhold

I just got back to you on the other thread you have - let me know if this behaviour remains the same when there are JS errors in the account for source maps to take effect on.


There are errors, but still does not send data, how can I test sending data in a trial? my company asks to check the functionality, will it be convenient for us to develop your product for the developers, is it really impossible to provide full access to all the functions in the trial version?


@lukerockhold -

Your account, with a browser trial, does have full access to ALL pro features for the duration of that trial.

I see that JS error data there now as well - so I’m curious to see exactly how you are making the API call to the Source Maps API.

Could you DM me the full API call you’re making (including API keys so I can verify that these are correct too). It’s best not to share info like that API key in public, so a private message in the explorers hub is probably the best option here.

Thanks in advance.


Data sent to you in a personal message


Thank you @lukerockhold - That looks fine to me - I’m now thinking that it may be defaulting to the US endpoint, while your account is in the EU region.

Could you try manual upload via the source maps api:

However - change out the source maps URL to this for the EU region:

Let me know how that goes :smiley:



Just wanted to validate what Ryan said. You should be able to push sourcemaps to the application regardless of whether any errors have presently occurred but you do need to make sure you’re using the EU endpoint. For reference purposes, here’s a helpful doc on the use of the API to upload source maps that discusses this:

Hope that helps!