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When you can't access some admin features and the owner of your Account has a domain



Hi @jacek.jaroczynski, thanks for the extra detail. I’ve created a ticket with our support team to start the process of verifying and updating your user to Admin for the accounts that you listed. You will be hearing from one of our support engineers shortly.

And yes, you are correct that you will have to make this request for each New Relic account corresponding with an organization-owned application in Heroku. Personally owned applications do not have the same issue.

I do see how valuable it would be to organizations with multiple applications like this for New Relic user management to automatically detect what level a user should be, and I highly recommend that you create a topic on this in our Feature Idea section:


I hate to keep piling on here, but I’m also unable to submit a ticket in order to elevate my New Relic user. I am an admin of my Heroku organization. My account link:

Thank you to whomever can help!


I have got you, @armilam! Just created a ticket for you in order to get this sorted. Let us know what else you need!


Hi :wave:

I also need to pile on here and ask to be made admin of our New Relic Account. I am an admin of our Heroku Account. Our New Relic account link is

Thank you very much in advance!


You got it @peter.hemmen - we will get you al set up. There is a ticket heading your way, so be on the lookout.



Same issue here for the following two accounts:

Could all users with the User role be upgraded to Admin please?

Thanks in advance!

Heroku addon: Cannot use admin features

You bet @quinten.claes - be on the lookout for an email!


Same issue for the account at

I’m just overall confused about this flow. Should I have just set up New Relic manually and then connected my Heroku app the old fashioned way? I can’t configure anything it seems


Hi, I have same problem following account

Could you upgrade user role?


We’ve got you @noritaka_kamiya - I’m opening a ticket for you, so be on the lookout for an email.


@hross I updated my email on Heroku for account and now I no longer have owner access again. Is there any way you can add me as an owner again? Thanks so much


Hi there @wesleyjkendall - We can help you do that! I am opening a ticket for you, so be on the lookout for an email.


Hi, I have the same same problem – can you please add me as an account owner as well? I created an account via heroku and would like to set up alerts. Thanks in advance,


You bet @omnikron - be on the lookout for an email shortly.


Hello, I am using New Relic through my Heroku. I am one of the organization’s ADMIN ([REDACTED EMAIL]). Can I please be granted admin privileges on New Relic?

Can't delete application

Hey @tabish89! I reached out to you about this on your ongoing thread over here—didn’t want you to think we were leaving you hanging. :blush:



Thanks for getting back to me. I copied this same response in my ongoing thread, but have not received a response. Not sure what the typical turnaround time is… but…

I am using New Relic through my Heroku. I am one of the organization’s ADMIN ([REDACTED EMAIL]). Can I please be granted admin privileges on New Relic?

I would like to obtain ADMIN/OWNER privileges for the three “accounts” created for me on New Relic by Heroku.

I would like to be able to delete, rename apps, and change/update account info (not sure why ‘app57000473@heroku.com_3’ has a “underscore_3”. Please let me know how I can make this happen.

When you say:

the Heroku support portal is different than our New Relic portal

are you referring to Heroku’s support portal at or another site exclusively for New Relic Heroku users?

Does Heroku provide any support for your add-on? In my past experience, they are not very helpful when it comes to third-party add-ons etc (I had an issue with one of my databases and they let me fend for myself).


Hey there, @tabish89! I see that you are currently in contact with our partnership experts on this (ticket #306741). Please let us know here in this thread once you get all sorted. This was moved to private so you can discuss account details. Thanks! Hope to hear back soon. :blush:


Hi @Linds,

Yes, I am in touch with your colleague @jakeclark, who is being very helpful. I’m all sorted out for the time being (a few small questions pending on my open private ticket), but here is the gist of our exchange for the community’s benefit:

How do I obtain Admin/Owner privileges on NewRelic? When New Relic accounts are created from Heroku Add-ons, the admin privileges don’t port over to the New Relic account side. So, @jakeclark reached out to the Heroku Team and got confirmation of my access on their side; and, soon as he heard back, he was able to manually adjust my permissions on the NewRelic side to match.

What is the Heroku Portal? The Heroku portal is the one that Heroku Add-on customers use to access their New Relic account, rather than going directly to and clicking Log in. This is accessed by clicking on the [New Relic APM :: Newrelic] in the Resources tab of your app on Heroku.

Does Heroku provide any support? Heroku provides initial support for troubleshooting New Relic APM. Heroku escalates to New Relic Support in the event they require additional support.


Perfect! Thank you so much for following up—I am sure your experience will help others in the future.

And I agree: @jakeclark is helpful and just amazing at his job. :star: