Where does NewRelic store report data?

Hello, I want to ask where NewRelic store report data specifically. Is it at NewRelic data center, which they built or in some secure cloud platform (AWS GovCloud for specific) ? The reason I ask this question is for our team data export compliant.

Hi @Hai.Vu :wave:! Customer Data is hosted in the region selected during account creation. Systems Operations Data is stored in the US region. All other information, including account information (such as license subscription information, billing, and internal monitoring) is hosted in the US region and replicated in the EU region.

You can find more detail on this in our helpful docs here :point_right: Our EU and US region data centers. If you need further info on this, please let me know!

Hi @ghoran,

Thank you for a quick response. In additionally, I have a question about Infrastructure Integration.
I do use Docker container for infrastructure monitoring as this docs describe. I also want to add integration for Redis with the Infrastructure docker images. But there currently no docs to help me on that. Do you know how could I implement Redis Integration on Infrastructure docker image?

If you would like to add Redis Integration, you can find more detail in this DOC here :point_right: Redis Monitoring Integration. If you need further info on this, please let me know and I can direct you to an agent that specialises in this area!

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