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Who uses Teams?


So, Unfortunately ( from a New Relic view ) we are using MS Teams, This means building the Custom JSON payload for the WebHook to work.
As you know if you are using Teams you seems to be restricted to the follow JSON
“title”: “Infomation goes here”
“text”: “further text goes here”

This seems restrictive in building useful alert notifications, so I was wondering if anyone has any examples of how they have worked with this restriction?


Microsoft TEAMS

Hi, @jjr: You may find this post helpful:


Hi Phil, That was the original thread that helped me figure out the title/text JSON structure that Teams seems to require, I was looking more for people who are already using teams and some examples of how they are getting useful information into that initial structure


@jjr I’m using Teams through Flow, but in my opinion notifications in Teams don’t work properly (see here and here)


Hey @jjr and @Trevor_Dearham! I would love to hear more about how these things might work more effectively from your points of view—if things can be improved upon, we always want to hear about it.


I feel the problem is more with the way Teams uses JSon tbh, I’m going to have more of a play around in the next few days and see if I can come up with a useful notification working within the Teams restraints


Let us know how you got on with working around Teams JSON to get useful notifications. I’m sure that could benefit other Alerts users :slight_smile:


I posted an example of Teams JSON, and listed some of the caveats I found with its usage in a different thread. It’s relevant to this discussion if you’re interested.

I think there’s scope here either for a useful inbuilt (in NewRelic) connector for Teams. Alternatively, this overall kind of integration could be made a bit easier with some additional constructs/variables in the alert JSON config.


thanks @jtelfer super helpful :smiley: