Why can't I query percentiles on apm.service.datastore.operation.duration?

When I try to query percentile(apm.service.datastore.operation.duration, 50), for example, the query doesn’t seem to come back with any data.

The query looks like this:

SELECT percentile(apm.service.datastore.operation.duration, 20) FROM Metric WHERE (entity.guid = '...') AND (metricTimesliceName = 'Datastore/statement/Oracle/i.../select') FACET metricTimesliceName LIMIT 5 SINCE 21600 seconds AGO TIMESERIES

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Hi, @nathan.lane: As noted in the documentation, only a limited set of aggregate functions are supported for metrics:

Metric type Supported functions
Summary count, sum, min, max, and average
Count sum
Gauge count, sum, min, max, average, and latest

As you can see, percentile() is not supported for metrics.

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