Why cant I see any CPU usage?

I am trying to build a NR one graph that would show CPU usage for all the hosts for an app.
But I dont see any activity in my graph.

Additionally “Narrow results to” and “Facet by” dont show anything.

Hello, @pendawle: SystemSample events are sent by the New Relic Infrastructure agent. It does not look like you have Infrastructure deployed in that account.

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@philweber but when I go to rpm.newrelic.com I can see it.

Yes, that is different data. Those are not SystemSample events, which is what you were trying to query.

You might try using the method described here: https://docs.newrelic.com/docs/query-data/nrql-new-relic-query-language/nrql-query-tutorials/query-metric-timeslice-data-nrql. You may use the metric explorer to find the name(s) of the metric(s) you want to query.


@pendawle following up to see if @philweber suggested method helped you? If so please mark this topic as “solved”. Thanks :slight_smile: