Why does Logs UI not show some neighboring log entires unless you zoom in?


I’m new to New Relic and wanted to see why some log entries aren’t visible in the UI unless I zoom in? So if there are entries A, B, C, D, and my current view shows A,D (meaning my range covers the full scope), but I have to zoom in to see B, D?

Here is a video demo of this: Screen Recording 2021-09-07...

Thanks for your help!

hey @mike17 ,

Can you share your account ID so we could have a look at this from our side?

Also, what web browser do you use and do you observe same behavior when using a different web browser/incognito mode?

Hi @rplucinski – Thanks for chiming in.

  • Account ID is 3264065.
  • I’m on the Brave Browser, MacOS 11.5.1 (20G80).
  • The same behavior happens on Safari, and other team members see the same thing.

Just curious, did you watch the screen recording, and do you feel like you understand the question I’m asking? If so, is this expected behavior, or not?

Thanks for your help!