Why some of the tenants are not shown in the query result?

I want to get the whole list of our tenants, then I run the query below:

SELECT  uniques(tenant) FROM BrowserInteraction where trigger='initialPageLoad' and targetUrl LIKE '%.company.com/app%' 

I expect google to be in the list (google is our tenant), but it is not. I do not know what is the condition for tenants to be in the list? Do we need to install an agent specifically for google? or add a custom attribute somewhere on the browser side?
Thank you.

Hi, @wshao1: tenant is not a standard attribute. How are you capturing the tenant value? Perhaps there is something unusual about your code that captures the tenant value relative to Google sites. In any case, because it is a custom attribute, it is something you will have to investigate on your side. New Relic reports whatever you send it.

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I had another idea: BrowserInteraction and other browser events come from the end user’s device. Maybe users who visit Google’s sites have an extension or other configuration that prevents the New Relic Browser agent from downloading. If the agent does not download to their browser, it will not send any data.

That is weird. There could be many people visiting the site. It is highly unlikely they all configured that way to prevent agent from downloading data. We have so many tenants, and google is not special. I am not clear how to configure the agent so a specific tenant won’t appear in the list. I thought it will be automatically tracked by New Relic agent. I asked around, nobody has the clear answer.

Maybe you should look at the raw data and find some of your google data and look to see if your attributes are what you are expecting. Could be you are missing them with your nrql.