Why we get the `Non-web response time was much higher than normal` warning

Recently, we got a warning of Non-web response time was much higher than normal constantly, almost every morning, for 2 weeks.
This warning notification was configured in Alerts&AI -> Settings -> Anomaly detection, while I cannot see the threshold of how high the response time would cause the warning notification, anyone can tell me how to get more details of that warning ?
Also, the latest warning occurred on yesterday Jul.15 4:14am (GMT+10), while when I check the non-web response time in a time frame from Jul.15 12:00am to Jul.16 12:00 am, there was a spike around 4:14am, but definitely that one was not the highest, actually looked quite normal (refer to attached picture), so why the other higher non-web response times did not trigger such warning? which is very confusing.
Thanks a lot for any help!

Hi @karen.fu - I noticed that the time picker in your screenshot is for a 24 hour period. You may want to scope in to a smaller time window so you can find out where the spike is in greater detail. You can also click the Response time label in the graph to scope to only that data.

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