Will new api keys launcher supports Synthetics API calls?


I’ve seen the new api keys launcher, which is great btw, and in the form of creating a new API key, it says that User keys can also support Synthetics:

Currently, we know that only ADMIN API keys can be used for these calls, as it is stated in the Documentation. Are you planning to change the ADMIN-keys rule in the near feature?

Sidenote: It would be great for us if simple users could use simple KEYs to upload/update their monitors in Synthetics, and we didn’t have the ADMIN keys limitation.

Thank you for your time!

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Hi @olia.kremmyda! Great question. So if you have sufficient Synthetics (or any product) Permissions to modify/delete you will be able to use your Personal API Key.

Let me know if you have any further questions!

Thank you @nmcnamara for your quick response!
Yes it worked! But with a modified header Api-Key instead of X-Api-Key:

curl -v \
     -H 'Api-Key:{User_Key}' {API_Endpoint}/v3/monitors

Great! Thank you! :pray:t3: