Win some New Relic Swag - Learn some stuff, Earn some stuff!

Update 25th June 2020:

This contest has now ended. Keep an eye out for your next opportunity to win some New Relic Swag! :partying_face:

Hello Explorers :slight_smile:

Did you know there’s an ongoing competition currently happening where you could win some great New Relic Swag! :star_struck:

All you need to do is visit us here at the Explorers Hub, read a few topics, and like a few posts.

You have until June 23rd, so plenty of time to reach the goals we’ve set for you!

Remember there are 2 levels of prizes, either Global Level by getting yourself the below 3 badges

  • Earn a global frequent flyer badge :global_frequent_flyer: by visiting the Explorers Hub 10+ times
  • Earn a global scholar badge :global_scholar: by reading 100+ topics
  • Earn a global enthusiast badge :global_enthusiast: by giving 25+ likes

Or you can go Intergalactic! by reaching the following 3 badges!

  • Earn an intergalactic frequent flyer badge :intergalactic_frequent_flyer: by visiting the Explorers Hub 15+ times
  • Earn an intergalactic scholar badge :intergalactic_scholar: by reading 150+ topics
  • Earn an intergalactic enthusiast badge :intergalactic_enthusiast: by giving 50+ likes

Click here to see which badges you have already.