Windows Service Monitoring - Beta Test

Just Like to ask I have the documentation for Windows Service Monitoring here and its on beta testing. even if I purchase a full version of New Relic still Windows Service on beta testing? we really need to have a monitoring tool that can monitor the status of our Windows Services.

Hi, @myrlen.antoni: The Windows Service monitoring integration is available here: GitHub - newrelic/nri-winservices: Windows services Integration for New Relic Infrastructure.


Do you have a documentation how to set up monitoring for windows services? We will monitor if the services has stopped or restarted.

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Hi @myrlen.antoni, I would suggest reading over this documentation! Let me know if it helps out!

I already followed the instruction on the link just like to ask if the name of the service that I inserted (just a sample) is correct?

how will I create an alert:
is it on the Process Running? I dont seems to see my Windows Services here.

And the Policy settings is:

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Please see my inquiry on this on the previous thread. I have provided a Screen shot on the configuration settings that I currently have. I would like to ask if my configuration is correct.

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any update on my inquiry

I am far from an expert but this is what I have found in my flailing around with the same issue. The Processes alert will only monitor Windows Processes, not services. In order to get an alert based upon a Service, I set it up like you outlined and my query is…

NOTE: Spooler used as an easy example to test…

FROM Metric SELECT count(*) WHERE newrelic.source = 'metricAPI' AND windowsService.startMode='auto' AND windowsService.state='stopped' AND = 'spooler' AND critical = 'true'

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Hi Sir / Mam,

I have followed the code you have here but to no avail. I have used the Google Chrome Elevation Service as an example tried to stop and start the service but it doesnt create an alert. Can you help me on this?