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With support for Java 10, New Relic deprecates Java 6



Java Agent 4.4, which will be released in August, will be compatible with Java 10. New Relic is also committed to being compatible with Java 11 when it’s released.

In order to continue to innovate and efficiently provide new capabilities to our customers who run on the JVM, New Relic’s next Java agent release (version 4.3) will be the final one that supports Java 6. Oracle stopped providing updates to Java 6 in April 2013. They ended premium support for Java 6 in December 2015. Likewise, IBM has stopped support for IBM SDK 6 for Java. Java 7 is fully backward compatible, which eases the migration from Java 6.

This is not an end-of-support announcement. We will continue to do our best to answer questions about agents running on Java 6. We will not provide new features, bug fixes, nor security patches for a version of the agent that supports Java 6. You can continue to run code compiled for Java 6.


Q: Will the agent still report to New Relic.
A: Yes. Older agents will still report to New Relic.

Q: I have libraries that are compiled for Java 6. Will they still run?
A: Absolutely. Newer versions of Java can run code compiled to a Java 6 target.

Q: I am running on an version of my application server that does not run on Java 7+. What should I do?
A: Likely your application server version is no longer supported, and you should upgrade it as well. If that is not possible, you may continue to use Java agent 4.3 or earlier.

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