Workflows do not send issue close notifications

I am receiving alerts only when an issue in a Workflow has been activated. The problem with this flow is that I am never notified when the issue has been closed.
Previously in the old Alert Policy to Notification flow, I was receiving notifications when the Incident has been open, and when it is closed.
Is this a bug in a Workflow functionality or I am missing something?

Hi, @bkalcho: Have you specified an incident filter in your workflow configuration? If so, how does it look like?

No, there is no incident filter. It targets all alert conditions. I am just testing this to see how the functionality works

Hi @bkalcho

Thanks for reaching out, sorry to hear you are still facing this issue.

This could be occurring for several reasons, such as a muting rule, or possibly an attribute assigned to the workflow.

To investigate further please share;

  1. Permalink to the workflow.
  2. Permalink to the incident.

Looking forward to hearing from you!