Workflows vs Notification Channels and Native Smartphone Notifications

All of my alert conditions are currently using the “old” Notification Channel method of setting up who gets notified. In my case when setting these up, I’ve always chosen “Users” and then selected who gets notified.

Using this method, the email address associated with the New Relic account get an email when a condition fires, but in addition to this, for people who have the New Relic iOS application installed on their phones, they all get an iOS native notification at the time the condition fires. This has been indispensable in helping us know exactly when something needs addressed proactively, without checking email.

As I was setting up a new condition today, the New Relic user interface mentioned that Workflows are replacing Notification Channels, but so far, I have not been able to figure out how to get a Workflow to trigger a native notification on my phone. It gives me an option for email, and then options for other services.

Do workflows support these native notifications for users who have the New Relic Mobile app installed on their phones?

Hi Mboyers, if you are still interested in push notifications for v2 users, using workflows, we are in a pre-release for iOS users for this feature. Feel free to email us at mobileappsupport at, and we can add you to the pre-release!