Wrong Pixie account linked


I have both a NewRelic account and a Pixie account, both using the same email address as noted in this documentation: Install Auto-telemetry with Pixie | New Relic Documentation

However, it looks like NewRelic is linked to a different Pixie account since I see no cluster with the specific name mentioned by NewRelic.

I do however have a cluster in my Pixie account with a different identifier:

From the documentation:

You can also contact New Relic support to manually link your existing New Relic account with your Pixie account.

Is it possible to help me to connect both accounts correctly?
I currently do not see a way to do this myself from the NewRelic UI.


hi @michiel_monitr :wave:
You can link the accounts from the pixie UI, there’s the NR logo at the bottom left of the screen, if you click on it it will redirect you to virtuoso in NR and perform the linking using the existing pixie account instead of the shadow user.
Let me know if that has worked for you.