WSO2 ESB Integration with newrelic


We are tying to integrate WSo2 ESB with new relic. We already follow the details here and here

It works fine for reporting data of the admin ui, but not with the webservices call.

Taking a look deeper we found, apparently meaning we can go ahead and create a Synapse Handler in WSO2

Is that the case? Are we missing something? I’m sure we are not the first trying to integrate such product.

We’re investigating this in a ticket with @aluna currently.

Do you have any suggestions for this problem ? We have the same problem.

@fabianocp I see your two replies and it doesn’t look like there has been a response.

The initial issue on this thread is an “integration” but it’s not clear what the desired outcome was. I found the ticket mentioned and it looks as though we didn’t get sufficient engagement from the requestor to come up with a workaround or solution.

The Java agent should provide rudimentary monitoring for pretty much any Java process when the -javaagent argument is added to the JVM options. There are many ways that JVM options can be configured in the many different Java frameworks.

Out of the box, I would expect the heap memory usage and GC in the JVM statistics on the JVMs page. Activity using Http Request and Response calls for common frameworks will show up on the Overview. If something isn’t showing up, it may need help through Custom Instrumentation.

What help are you needing from Support in achieving for your Java application?

Just came across this while searching for some other thing.

Here the reporter used one of my blogs entries. I am an ex WSO2 and I wrote this while I was in WSO2. In WSO2 ESB, APIM, EI we have four ports. Two of them are http and two of them are https. And two of them are for the servlet / web application access and two of them are for mediation. Java agent tracks servlet port functions but doesn’t track mediation ports. That’s why we had to use the custom implementation.

Hope this will help someone.



Thanks for posting @wdfdo1986 - I’m sure that is helpful for people reviewing this topic. :smiley: