You have reached your monthly free allowance of 100GB

up until a couple of weeks ago i was using free account.
i got the add credit card notice.
i went to “Data ingestion for Account” i saw that i have “774 GB Daily average”

was the 100GB not enforced or was there another change?

Hi @guyta ,

Thank you for contacting New Relic. I went ahead and created a ticket for you and a representative will be reaching out to you soon via email.

Hi @guyta ,

We actually just recently started enforcing the 100GB limit. Let me know if this clears things up and thank you again for posting in our New Relic Community.

Getting the same issue, after years of not having these kinds of issues…

@cdula You mentioned that this wasn’t being actively enforced until recently… when exactly did it start to be enforced? Was it this month?

is the user limit also something that is only being enforced now as well?

I am asking this because thus far there have been no issues whatsoever, but suddenly we get this message as well in 2 different accounts: one that did go past the 100GB, and another about the users limit in the other account.

Which is a bit confusing, because these accounts have existed for years, from before the new billing model was introduced with these limits, and thus far there have been no news that I know off announcing the removal of the old model from old accounts, so I always assumed that old accounts would remain as they were (without these limitations) and we would be contacted beforehand if this changed, but we weren’t, and now we have no access to anything.

And one last question: if this is now being applied to all accounts, what happens with the estimated bills from the previous months if a credit card is added?
Are they going to be retroactively billed, or does it only start from this month onwards?

Hi @claudio.luis ,

As it turns out, on December 10th, 2021, we implemented the block you are experiencing for accounts without a credit card on file that exceed the 100 GB free limit. This FAQ covers commonly asked questions, but please let us know if you have questions that aren’t covered there.

In response to your question about the estimated bills, I am going to have someone from our billing department contact you to answer any further questions.

Hmmm, that’s kind of :disappointed:

OK, thanks for the confirmation.

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