You learned, and you earned!

Happy Tuesday, Explorers!

It’s June 23rd, and so that’s it, Our Learn Some Stuff, Earn Some Stuff campaign is now over!

We hope that in the past month you have been able to gain new knowledge, get your questions answered, have some fun in our quizzes, or maybe you have helped answer some questions here in the Explorers Hub. We love having you all here!

Let’s take a look at the numbers…

If you remember, this was the goal

To earn a sticker pack and a tote bag:

  • Earn a global frequent flyer badge :global_frequent_flyer: by visiting the Explorers Hub 10+ times
  • Earn a global scholar badge :global_scholar: by reading 100+ topics
  • Earn a global enthusiast badge :global_enthusiast: by giving 25+ likes

Or to earn a notebook and a pin:

  • Earn an intergalactic frequent flyer badge :intergalactic_frequent_flyer: by visiting the Explorers Hub 15+ times
  • Earn an intergalactic scholar badge :intergalactic_scholar: by reading 150+ topics
  • Earn an intergalactic enthusiast badge :intergalactic_enthusiast: by giving 50+ likes

So while we crunch the numbers here and figure out who was able to get all Global, or all Intergalactic badges, here’s what the raw badge numbers look like:

:global_frequent_flyer: Global Frequent Flyer: 120
:global_scholar: Global Scholar: 14
:global_enthusiast: Global Enthusiast: 13

:intergalactic_frequent_flyer: Intergalactic Frequent Flyer: 17
:intergalactic_scholar: Intergalactic Scholar: 8
:intergalactic_enthusiast: Intergalactic Enthusiast: 7

If you were one of the lucky folks who managed to get all 3 of either level of badge, watch out in your email inbox. We’ll be in touch shortly to organise your prize.

Thanks as always for participating, and keep on exploring :rocket: