You may see us edit your topics. Here's why

What and why?

You may have seen recently that we grouped all agents topics into the one #telemetry-data-platform:agents category here in the Explorers Hub. This has made it significantly easier to know where to post your questions,.

With so many agents it’s impossible to have people fully understand all of them. So our support team is broken up into sub-specialties. Those who can answer your Java questions are probably not the same people who can answer your NodeJS questions.

Now that all of these agents topics live in the #telemetry-data-platform:agents category, it’s harder to see at a glance, who is best suited to help you out.

So from now on, you may see us edit your topic to include the agent type in your topic title. Don’t worry, we are not removing anything from your posts, or redacting anything without telling you. We are simply trying to make it easier for our support team to help you, and hopefully that will mean more speedy answers for you.


From now on, if you post a PHP topic for example, someone from the Explorers Hub team will come in and edit your topic title to include [PHP] Your Title Here.

If you have not tagged your topic with phpagent, we will add that too.

Can I help?

Of course! If you are posting a topic in the #telemetry-data-platform:agents category, feel free to add that agent identifier in your title. Preferably in that format of [language] Your Title Here. As well as the language agent tag.

I have questions

Feel free to comment below if we can clarify any of this for you :slight_smile: