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Support: Feature Ideas   Feature Ideas: APM/UI

About the Feature Ideas: APM/UI category (1)
Feature Idea: Adding a straight line in the web response graph (5)
Feature Idea: NewRelic account users' login (2)
Feature Idea: Is There a Way to Embed Dashboards? (17)
Feature Idea: Are there any plans to integrate Github issues? ( 2 ) (39)
Feature Idea: Trace time consuming segments in transaction breakdown to specific traces (4)
Feature Idea: Intrusion detection / Security monitoring (8)
Feature Idea: Modify/Add 'Tags' without Restart (4)
Feature Idea: Health Maps from Multiple Accounts (4)
Feature Idea: Provisioning Users via SAML ( 2 ) (28)
Feature Idea: Seeing on-going, long transactions while they are active (8)
Feature Idea: Search transaction traces not only by name (3)
Feature Idea: Error Analytics: Filter out errors by URL (2)
Feature Idea: Time zone in Error Analytics view (13)
Feature Idea: Automated option to receive transaction traces (2)
Feature Idea: Sort or Search Account list in web ui (2)
Feature Idea: Add max time on the percentile graph (2)
Feature Idea: Error rate cap, per error (2)
Feature Idea: Add timestamp option for deployments ( 2 3 ) (41)
Back dated deployment markers (11)
Feature Idea: Deployment Markers - timestamp parameter (5)
Feature Idea: Stop the agent NR at specific times (8)
Feature Idea: Allow configuring transaction throughput/calculated metric as a base for APM (4)
Feature Idea: Customizable Y-Axis on APM Error Analytics chart (10)
Feature Idea: How do I customize/change what is there in weekly/monthly APM reports (4)
Feature Idea: Can we get the NewRelic Agent Version Information from the API (8)
Feature Idea: About access restrictions (6)
Feature Idea: Is there a way to list all the APM application names which doesn't have alert conditions using NR insights (2)
Feature idea: Application URL in Service Maps (4)
Feature Idea: Version History for Alert Policy and Insights Dashboard (8)