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Support: Feature Ideas   Feature Ideas: APM/UI

About the Feature Ideas: APM/UI category (1)
Feature Idea: Error Analytics - parse nested Error Attributes (like the legacy Error page) (2)
Feature Idea: Query Uptime Available in the API (19)
How to backup all new relic settings (everything except metric data) (14)
Feature Idea: Customizable Y-Axis on APM Error Analytics chart (8)
Feature Idea: Additional Time Zone Options in Web UI (4)
Feature Idea: Possibility to add Error profiles to dashboards (2)
Feature Idea: Can't View HTTP Verb on APM (9)
Feature Idea: Allow Filtration of Application Overview Data by Environment Label (3)
Feature Idea: API for adding/deleting/listing users (9)
Feature Idea: Add Visual Studio Team Services as ticket system (4)
Rest API and Web UI have inconsistent label capitalization policy (2)
Feature Idea: Provisioning Users via SAML ( 2 ) (24)
Feature Idea: Is it possible to get dead code using new relic? (9)
Feature Idea: Allow custom attributes and events in High Security mode (4)
Feature Idea: Current state of Clojure instrumentation? (3)
Feature Idea: Dark UI available? Incoming? (2)
Feature Idea: Time zone in Error Analytics view (11)
Filter/ACL for agents reporting in to New Relic APM (4)
Feature Idea: Session id on transaction (2)
Back dated deployment markers (4)
Feature Idea: Display "Time spend in queue" for how long messages waited in rabbitmq (4)
Feature Idea: Password Reset Page Field Has Max Length 50 (6)
Feature Idea: Event Marker Toggle On/Off (3)
Feature Idea: Provide Auditing for SQL Obfuscation Settings in APM (2)
Feature Idea: Ability to do embedded Chart on servicemap (2)
Feature Idea: "Rolled up by" feature collecting when monitor says, "Not reporting data" but it requires to be showcased (2)
Feature Idea: Limit weekly performance reports to specific apps (2)
Feature Idea: Easy button/filter to see APM+Browser results from synthetics testing (2)
Feature Idea: Add timestamp option for deployments ( 2 ) (34)