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Support: Feature Ideas   Feature Ideas: Infrastructure

About the Feature Ideas: Infrastructure category (1)
Feature Idea: NRI Integrations inside a container (2)
Feature Idea: OCP (OpenShift Container Platform) 3.11 support (2)
Newrelic-infra skips kernel processes (2)
Feature Idea: Infrastructure agent should run on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS ( 2 ) (32)
AWS Network Load Balancer monitoring support (11)
GCP Integration - Add Labels for All Categories (2)
Feature Idea: Support for ZFS file system (4)
Feature Idea: Add 'does not contain' filter to infrastructure & it's alerts (7)
Feature Idea: API for Infrastructure (9)
Add RDS Performance Insights Data to AWS Integration (2)
Feature Idea: Allow filtering by exclusion (8)
Feature Idea: Is it possible to add a runbook URL to an infrastructure alert? ( 2 ) (26)
Feature Idea: Windows Service Monitoring ( 2 3 4 5 ) (85)
Feature Idea: Monitoring for NFS volumes (12)
Feature Idea: Missing percentage for Memory monitoring (5)
Feature Idea: Disk Latency on Infrastructure (3)
Deployment Marker in Infrastructure (4)
FreeBSD Support (2)
List Infrastructure downloads instead of Servers in Account Settings (2)
Provide ability to programmatically remove hosts from monitoring (6)
Feature Idea: appName for Applications within newrelic-infra.yml (3)
Add support for AWS athena in the Infrastructure integration (4)
Feature Idea: NewRelic Alert Email not showing current disk used% when alerts (4)
Feature Request: Allow copying of alert policies and all conditions within (3)
Feature Idea: NewRelic Windows Server agent with alternative hostname (12)
Feature Idea: Monitor CPUCreditUsage & CPUCreditBalance - EC2 T2 instances (6)
Programmatically Add AWS Account (3)
Feature: Add "Integration Not Reporting" Alert Conditions for Infrastructure Agent (2)
Feature Idea: Event auditing of users (2)