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Support: Feature Ideas   Feature Ideas: Infrastructure

About the Feature Ideas: Infrastructure category (1)
Feature Idea: Monitoring for NFS volumes ( 2 ) (25)
Feature Idea: Apple Mac OS X Server Monitoring ( 2 3 ) (49)
Feature Idea: Using Insights to filter AWS resources based on AWS tags (4)
Infrastructure Agent support for AIX & Solaris (2)
Feature Idea: Allow filtering by exclusion (12)
Feature Idea: Add 'does not contain' filter to infrastructure & it's alerts (11)
Feature Idea: Firehose Integration unsupported metrics (2)
Feature Idea: Couchbase integration doesn't display the clustername (2)
Redis integration missing metrics (2)
Feature Idea: What policies are my host assigned to? (2)
Feature Idea: Windows Infra agent log rotation required (4)
Feature Idea: An option to connect NewRelic to Qlikview (or other BI system) (2)
Feature Idea: Monitor Harddrive Inode Usage ( 2 3 4 ) (63)
Feature Idea: Akamai integration (3)
AWS Network Load Balancer monitoring support (18)
Feature Idea: Add EngineCPUUtilization as a Metric to Precisely Monitor Redis (2)
Feature Idea: Query installed Helm charts (2)
Feature Idea: Create event types for all k8s top level objects (2)
Feature Idea: Integrate New Relic Infrastructure with AWS GovCloud Region (6)
Feature Idea: Turn off "Average of All" graph lines (7)
Feature Idea: Monitoring Process (Systemd) to detected what is the Active Status from it (3)
Feature Idea: Nri-kafka: SASL_PLAINTEXT support (4)
coreCount field type (5)
Feature Idea: Infrastructure RabbitMQ monitoring "all" (metrics + events) from non-node server (2)
Feature Idea: Infrastructure Usage API By Subaccount (6)
Feature Idea: On-host integration graphs need better label names (2)
Feature Idea: NRI Integrations inside a container (9)
Newrelic-infra skips kernel processes (5)
Feature Idea: Need for ARM Support (7)