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Feature Idea: Link dashboards where attribute names are different (2)
Feature Idea: Track Slow Queries on Insights (2)
Feature Idea: Add Alert Baseline coloration to Insights widgets (2)
Feature Idea: Share Insights Dashboards Externally (15)
Feature Idea: NRQL current timestamp (16)
Feature Idea: Listing Large Amounts of Data Apps (2)
Feature Idea: How to use Application labels in Insights (7)
Feature Idea: Shared tooltip across graphs on Insights dashboard (2)
Feature Idea: Option to insert a link to current dashboard when creating it with the REST api (2)
Feature Idea: Time Consumption by Caller Timeseries? (2)
Feature Idea: Min/max Axis Values for Timeseries (4)
Feature Idea: Why do you need admin API key for the Insights Dashboard API? (7)
Allow chart titled to be edited from the dashboard (3)
Feature Idea: SRE: Adding APM deployment metrics to Insights (4)
Feature Idea: Displaying Deployment vertical line on Insights Charts (6)
Feature Idea: Secondary axis for charting? (4)
Feature Idea: App performance pre/post deployment (4)
Combining FACET and COMPARE WITH (12)
Can you display the compare with yesterday and last week in Insights (9)
External service call avg daily for last month using Insight (2)
Equivalent to SQL's HAVING? (10)
Feature Idea: Remove filter when clicking another tab (2)
Feature Idea: Show more than 5 dashboards in the Data App navbar (2)
Feature Idea: Metric Units in Graph (16)
Feature Idea: Ability to Click Through Dashboards when Full Screen/Maximized/Kiosk inside a Data App (2)
Feature Idea: Ability to write more complex WHERE clauses, e.g. use aggregate functions (2)
Feature Idea: Add scroll bar to widget (4)
Feature Idea: Embed external content in dashboard (2)
Feature Idea: Make the Pie chart scalable/responsive (2)
Feature Idea: Adding specific co-workers to Dashboards (3)