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[Feature Ideas: Insights] Critical / Threshold Color Codes (8)
Feature Idea: Event Unit Naming in Insights (2)
Feature Idea: Insights filter time period match timepcker (2)
Feature Idea: 'Lights Out' theme with embeddables (11)
Feature Idea: Showing the Raw Percentage (6)
List of Dashboarding requests we recently shared with NR (4)
Insights Feature request: Add rounding to SUM for whole number (2)
Feature Idea: NRQL for getting country codes by reponsecode (7)
Feature Idea: Remove error msg when NRQL returns zero items on tvOS (2)
Feature Idea: Increase Insights charts character limit above 256 characters (1)
Feature Idea: Programmatically Generate Insights Dashboards (5)
Feature Idea: increase horizontal grid limit from 3 to 5 or 6, or even limitless (3)
Feature Ideas: Reorder of dash board could be drag and reorder, instead of going through certain clicks (2)
Feature Idea: Can't hide facets in NRQL charts (2)
Feature Idea: Combine data from multiple sources with different conditions (6)
Feature Idea: INSIGHTS Dashboard to Show Alert Event When The Incident is in "Open" State & Goes Away when the incident is no longer in OPEN stage (5)
Feature Idea: Linked Y-Axis on Auto-scaling Charts (2)
Feature Idea: Threshold line in line graph with facet (4)
Feature Idea: API to update Dashboards within Data App (2)
Feature Idea: Option to show count rather than percentages on the Pie Chart Key (3)
Feature Idea: Hide 'no events' warning message in charts within insights dashboard (5)
Feature Idea: Excluding lowest level count(*)/aggregate functions within WHERE (9)
Feature Idea: Nested Functions for Maximum throughput/rpm (2)
Feature Idea: Layout options for Insights dashboards (2)
Feature Idea: In Insights, how to set threshold in faceted histogram chart (2)
Feature Idea: Data Filtering of Top and Bottom 10% (6)
Feature Idea: Correlate Graphs across products (2)
Feature Idea: ORDER BY for NRQL (8)
Feature Idea: Cross-Account Dashboards (2)
How can I select the newest browser in an Insights query? (4)