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Support: Feature Ideas   Feature Ideas: .NET Agent

Feature Idea: WCF async requests are not captured by new relic (7)
Feature Idea: Bubble up inner exception messages (4)
Feature Idea: app-local newrelic.config should inherit from global newrelic.config (4)
Feature Idea: Ability to ignore errors for a specific transaction from specific servers (4)
"Ignore these status codes" - add range (3)
Feature Idea: Prefix/Suffix for .NET Autonaming (2)
Feature Idea: Support for ServiceStack ( 2 ) (23)
Feature Idea: Track application Usage and Capture user data (2)
Feature Idea: .NET CORE / ASP.NET 5 (vNEXT) ( 2 3 4 5 ) (84)
Feature Idea: Add IncrementCounter(string, int) to .NET API (2)
Feature Idea: Get Alert When Services of a Server is Stopped (2)
Add support MongoDB v2.0 and higher (5)
Feature Idea: .NET Garbage Collection Monitoring (5)
Windows service monitoring? (3)