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Support: Feature Ideas   Feature Ideas: PHP Agent

About the Feature Ideas: PHP Agent category (1)
Feature Idea: Add PHP agent support for Capacity analysis report (6)
Feature Idea: Disabling APM for Google AMP pages (13)
Feature Idea: Please create an alternative method to add NewRelic to Backend PHP applications on Single host (11)
Feature Idea: PHP 7.2.0 support? (5)
Feature Idea: Add config "" to allow non-localhost connections ( 2 ) (23)
Feature Idea: No redis metrics using newrelic-php (6)
Allow APM reporting only via VirtualHost (2)
Feature Idea: Install PHP Agent on Windows (18)
Feature Idea: PHP Agent - Support for Cassandra (6)
Feature Idea: Show previous exceptions (10)
Add ability to retrieve Transaction ID in the current request (2)
Feature Idea: Add agent support for Symfony 4.x (4)
Can PHP agent ignore php-fpm status requests? (6)
Feature Idea: SELinux support (14)
Feature Idea: PhpReact, 1 process for many connections (3)
Feature Idea: No trace information before newrelic_name_transaction (6)
Feature Idea: Framework Support for CakePHP 3 (10)
Feature Idea: Availability Pinger: Support for SNI (10)
Feature Idea: FreeBSD feedback (4)
Feature Idea: Yii2 support as framework ( 2 ) (28)
Feature Idea: Add socket connection as Web External (2)
Feature Idea: Incorrect Reflection information for newrelic_notice_error (2)
Feature Idea: Do Not Track Header (2)
ReflectionParameter->getName() is unnecessarily quoted for functions declared by newrelic (2)
Feature Idea: Make datastore recording exclude the timings of implementation details? (3)
Feature Idea: Enable Passing Notices to New Relic (2)
Feature Idea: Optionally set error level in newrelic_notice_error (2)
ARM on CloudLinux (2)
Feature Idea: MongoDB Support ( 2 ) (27)