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Support: Feature Ideas   Feature Ideas: Synthetics

Synthetics API missing fields in JSON response (3)
Feature Idea: Synthetics REST API - optional response validation (11)
Using Insights to calculate MTBF and MTTR (8)
Feature Idea: Weekly SLA report through email from Synthetics (16)
Feature Idea: Synthetic monitoring doesn't work for IFRAME with allow attributes (4)
Feature Idea: PING Tests For FTP? (19)
Feature Idea: Synthetic checks should have an alternate configuration for check frequency during outages (2)
Feature Idea: Monitor check status before running or alerting (5)
Feature Idea: Enabling support to pass chrome driver options to $driver (selenium-webdriver) (2)
Update Joi for scripted Synthetics (2)
Feature Idea: Customize browser user agent and browser size for synthetic test (6)
Feature Idea: ICMP Ping, TCP Connect (9)
Feature Idea: Synthetics Scripted Browser Monitors (2)
Feature Idea: Download button for synthetics results (4)
User listing consistency (permissions page) (2)
Feature Idea: Manually Trigger Synthetics Monitors (14)
Feature Ideas: Variable Execution Frequencies (2)
Feature Idea: Variable frequency for synthetic checks (5)
Feature Idea: Validation button for PING synthetic (2)
Feature Idea: Handling Location request / notification request popups (2)
Feature Idea: Does New Relic Synthetics support the Page Object Model? (2)
Feature Idea: Need to have same restrictions applied to the naming conventions of the Labels for monitors created through APIs as we have for manually created Labels (2)
Feature Idea: Verify SSL in Scripted browser monitor (4)
Feature Idea: Permission To Validate A Synthetics Monitor But Not Edit It (2)
Feature Idea: Mocha with Synthetics (5)
Feature Idea: Accumulate Screen Shots or Get an Error Screen Shot (3)
Feature Idea: How to import a SSL Root certificate in a Synthetics Scripted Browser under trusted store (4)
Feature Idea: Synthetic REST API - monitors upper limit and possible request query filter (2)
Feature Idea: Include Screenshot in the alert email as optional (2)
Feature Idea: Secure Credentails one more validation required (3)