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Support: Feature Ideas

Feature request - NRQL string functions ( 2 3 ) [Feature Ideas: Insights] (44)
Feature Idea: Variables in Dashboard Queries [Feature Ideas: Insights] (10)
Feature Idea: Support for Spring Webflux stacktraces [Feature Ideas: Java Agent] (2)
Feature Idea: Automatically instrument jooq [Feature Ideas: Java Agent] (3)
Feature Idea: NewRelic instrumentation for AWS Batch jobs [Feature Ideas: Infrastructure] (2)
Feature idea: Support ignoring errors in a transaction [Feature Ideas: Java Agent] (2)
Feature Idea: Are there any plans to integrate Github issues? ( 2 ) [Feature Ideas: APM/UI] (39)
Feature Idea: Is there an API for "Monitor Downtime"? [Feature Ideas: Synthetics] (11)
Feature Idea: Lambda for Ruby Agent [Feature Ideas: Ruby Agent] (1)
Feature Idea: Implement Azure Active Directory B2C into Azure Infrastructure Integration [Feature Ideas: Infrastructure] (2)
Feature Idea: Need for ARM Support [Feature Ideas: Infrastructure] (13)
Feature Idea: Support for Dramatiq [Feature Ideas: Python Agent] (11)
Feature Idea: PING Tests For FTP? ( 2 ) [Feature Ideas: Synthetics] (21)
Feature Idea: Scala 2.13 support [Feature Ideas: Java Agent] (9)
Feature Idea: Support MySqlConnector driver for DB instrumentation [Feature Ideas: .NET Agent] (15)
X-newrelic-id header causing XHR loads to fail [Feature Ideas: Browser] (3)
Feature Idea: Support MongoDB Async Driver on Java [Feature Ideas: Java Agent] (6)
Feature Idea: Trace time consuming segments in transaction breakdown to specific traces [Feature Ideas: APM/UI] (4)
Feature Idea: NRI Integrations inside a container [Feature Ideas: Infrastructure] (15)
Feature Idea: Webhook JSON payload: display the affected server name [Feature Ideas: Alerts] (6)
Support for Connector to Data Studio? [Support: Feature Ideas] (6)
Feature Idea: When server goes down it disappears from Health Maps [Feature Ideas: Infrastructure] (4)
Feature Idea: Documentation / Support for adding New Relic on NuxtJs application [Feature Ideas: Browser] (2)
Feature Idea: React Native Apps ( 2 ) [Feature Idea: Mobile APM] (35)
Feature Idea: Make datastore recording exclude the timings of implementation details? [Feature Ideas: PHP Agent] (5)
Feature Idea: Synthetics retain permissions [Feature Ideas: Synthetics] (4)
Feature Idea: NRQL Alert off Comparison/Variance [Feature Ideas: Alerts] (6)
Feature Idea: Metric - individual Shard size info within an Elasticsearch Index [Feature Ideas: Infrastructure] (2)
Feature Idea: Charts/Graphs In PagerDuty Alerts [Feature Ideas: Alerts] (2)
Feature Idea: Is Distributed Tracing possible for Streaming Applications [Feature Ideas: Java Agent] (5)