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Support: Feature Ideas

Feature Idea: NRI Integrations inside a container [Feature Ideas: Infrastructure] (2)
Feature Idea: OCP (OpenShift Container Platform) 3.11 support [Feature Ideas: Infrastructure] (2)
Feature Idea: Support for Play 1.5 [Feature Ideas: Java Agent] (11)
Newrelic-infra skips kernel processes [Feature Ideas: Infrastructure] (2)
Feature Idea: Infrastructure agent should run on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS ( 2 ) [Feature Ideas: Infrastructure] (32)
NRQL alert on percentage of custom events [Feature Ideas: Alerts] (2)
Feature Idea: Adding specific co-workers to Dashboards [Feature Ideas: Insights] (3)
Feature Idea: Delete custome events [Feature Ideas: Insights] (16)
Support Npgsql 4.0.* (postgres) [Feature Ideas: .NET Agent] (2)
Feature Idea: Please include the Entity name in the Incidents UI and Events UI in Alerts [Feature Ideas: Alerts] (1)
Feature Idea: Alert related to error should give link to error [Feature Ideas: Alerts] (8)
Feature Idea: Enhanced Wildcard Support in NRQL [Feature Ideas: Insights] (2)
Feature Idea: More complex scheduling for synthetics API Tests [Feature Ideas: Synthetics] (2)
AWS Network Load Balancer monitoring support [Feature Ideas: Infrastructure] (11)
GCP Integration - Add Labels for All Categories [Feature Ideas: Infrastructure] (2)
Feature Idea: Export Dashboard to json file via button on dashboard for the owner [Feature Ideas: Insights] (10)
DashO Mapping.txt - BuildID? [Feature Idea: Mobile APM] (6)
Ability to use string functions applied to facet'd column? [Feature Ideas: Insights] (5)
Feature Idea: Support for ZFS file system [Feature Ideas: Infrastructure] (4)
AWS RDS Integration Event alerting and monitoring [Feature Ideas: Alerts] (2)
Feature Idea: Install PHP Agent on Windows [Feature Ideas: PHP Agent] (18)
New relic Alert data snapshot [Feature Ideas: Alerts] (2)
Send alert reminder [Feature Ideas: Alerts] (1)
Synthetics Monitors Maintenance Window [Feature Ideas: Synthetics] (2)
Feature Idea: Provide username in alert notification when alert is acknowledged [Feature Ideas: Alerts] (4)
Feature Idea: Remove 1000 limitation for Insight NRQL results [Feature Ideas: Insights] (15)
Feature Idea: GET Alert policy by PolicyID [Support: Feature Ideas] (2)
Feature Idea: Add 'does not contain' filter to infrastructure & it's alerts [Feature Ideas: Infrastructure] (7)
Add DB Query in Insights Table [Feature Ideas: Insights] (2)
Feature request - NRQL string functions [Support: Feature Ideas] (17)