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Support: Feature Ideas

Feature Idea: GCP FileStore Metrics Collection [Feature Ideas: Infrastructure] (5)
Feature Idea: SAML SSO Enhancements [Support: Feature Ideas] (6)
Feature Idea: Knex support in nodejs client [Feature Ideas: Node.js Agent] (2)
Feature Idea: Timepicker in the Cluster Explorer - Kubernetes monitoring integration [Feature Ideas: Infrastructure] (2)
Increase the NRQL rows limit to more than 1000 records [Feature Ideas: Insights] (3)
Feature Idea: Vert.x 3.6 and Kotlin coroutines support [Feature Ideas: Java Agent] (6)
Feature Idea: Add browser plugins/extensions to JS errors log [Feature Ideas: Browser] (7)
Feature Idea: Why do you need admin API key for the Insights Dashboard API? [Feature Ideas: Insights] (7)
Allow chart titled to be edited from the dashboard [Feature Ideas: Insights] (3)
Feature Idea: Baseline alerts for facet queries [Feature Ideas: Alerts] (4)
Feature Idea: Public Insights Dashboards ( 2 ) [Feature Ideas: Insights] (34)
Feature Idea: APM Deployment Markers in Insights Dashboards [Feature Ideas: Insights] (15)
Feature Idea: Proxy Browser Requests to NR Through Our Server [Feature Ideas: Browser] (4)
Feature Idea: SRE: Adding APM deployment metrics to Insights [Feature Ideas: Insights] (4)
Feature Idea: Displaying Deployment vertical line on Insights Charts [Feature Ideas: Insights] (6)
Feature Idea: Secondary axis for charting? [Feature Ideas: Insights] (4)
Feature Idea: App performance pre/post deployment [Feature Ideas: Insights] (4)
Feature Idea: Use API to update alert channels [Feature Ideas: Alerts] (8)
Feature Idea: Node JS support for Loopback 4 [Feature Ideas: Node.js Agent] (2)
Feature Idea: Formatting the TIMESTAMP in a webhook custom payload [Feature Ideas: Alerts] (8)
Feature Idea: How best to add GDPR compliant script blocking for NR snippets? [Feature Ideas: Browser] (12)
Support for Dramatiq [Feature Ideas: Python Agent] (2)
NRQL Alert Threshold Duration Increase [Feature Ideas: Alerts] (4)
Feature Idea: Error Analytics - parse nested Error Attributes (like the legacy Error page) [Feature Ideas: APM/UI] (2)
Feature Idea: Improvement to default Dashboard "Amazon Billing (costs)" of Cloud Integrations [Feature Ideas: Infrastructure] (8)
Combining FACET and COMPARE WITH [Feature Ideas: Insights] (12)
Feature Idea: HAVING Equivalent and/or Aliasing [Feature Ideas: Insights] (2)
Can you display the compare with yesterday and last week in Insights [Feature Ideas: Insights] (9)
Feature Idea: Include Periods of No Data in the Alert Timer for "at least once in" alerts [Feature Ideas: Alerts] (2)
External service call avg daily for last month using Insight [Feature Ideas: Insights] (2)