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Support: Feature Ideas

Feature Idea: Create baseline alert conditions with API ( 2 ) [Feature Ideas: Alerts] (24)
Feature Idea: New Relic One grouping widgets [Feature Ideas: New Relic One] (4)
Notifications on Alert Warnings [Feature Ideas: Alerts] (20)
Feature Idea: Remove Myself from Account [Support: Feature Ideas] (13)
Feature Idea: Tracking .NET applications running on Mono/Docker [Feature Ideas: .NET Agent] (14)
Feature Idea: Include NetworkInformation (3G, LTE, Wifi) in session trace [Feature Ideas: Browser] (4)
Feature Idea: Save New Relic One Dashboard configuration [Feature Ideas: New Relic One] (2)
Feature Idea: JIRA 8: Ticket integration marked as Incompatible [Support: Feature Ideas] (8)
Feature Idea: Monitor Harddrive Inode Usage ( 2 3 4 ) [Feature Ideas: Infrastructure] (63)
Feature Idea: Akamai integration [Feature Ideas: Infrastructure] (3)
Feature Idea: Is There a Way to Ignore Certain HTTP Errors? ( 2 ) [Feature Idea: Mobile APM] (33)
Feature idea: Link to Dashboard (Search Option) [Feature Ideas: Insights] (4)
Feature Request - PHP Language: Capture more detail in session startup time [Feature Ideas: PHP Agent] (4)
Feature Idea: Rate histogram chart [Feature Ideas: Insights] (13)
Feature Idea: View browser button clicks for New Relic Browser [Feature Ideas: Browser] (2)
Ignore swagger on .Net Agent [Feature Ideas: .NET Agent] (7)
Feature Idea: NR API List Notification Channels Not Returning URL for Channels of Slack Type [Feature Ideas: Alerts] (5)
Feature Idea: Error rate cap, per error [Feature Ideas: APM/UI] (2)
Feature Idea: Public Insights Dashboards ( 2 ) [Feature Ideas: Insights] (39)
Feature Idea: New Relic One : Filter attributes selection [Feature Ideas: New Relic One] (2)
Feature Idea: New Relic One : Disable Time Picker [Feature Ideas: New Relic One] (2)
Java Agent now supports Java 13! [Feature Ideas: Java Agent] (1)
Feature Idea: gRPC Call Monitoring in Ruby [Feature Ideas: Ruby Agent] (6)
Feature Idea: Add agent support for Symfony 4.x [Feature Ideas: PHP Agent] (14)
Feature Idea: Timeseries queries with sparse data points [Feature Ideas: Insights] (12)
Feature Idea: REST API Key Read Only access [Support: Feature Ideas] (2)
Feature Idea: As clause not working in result seen in JSON format [Feature Ideas: Insights] (7)
Feature Idea: Mass Mute / Maintenance Mode ( 2 ) [Feature Ideas: Synthetics] (27)
Feature Idea: Add timestamp option for deployments ( 2 3 ) [Feature Ideas: APM/UI] (41)
Back dated deployment markers [Feature Ideas: APM/UI] (11)