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Support: Feature Ideas

Feature Idea: Manual Color Control ( 2 ) [Feature Ideas: Insights] (28)
Feature Idea: Public Insights Dashboards ( 2 3 ) [Feature Ideas: Insights] (41)
Label with AS clause attributes grouped by FACET [Feature Ideas: Insights] (8)
Only send alerts during a specifc time window each day ( 2 3 4 ) [Feature Ideas: Alerts] (78)
Feature Idea: Modify/Add 'Tags' without Restart [Feature Ideas: APM/UI] (4)
Feature Idea: Alert Notification Channel/Webhook - Enable execution of a Synthetic monitor [Feature Ideas: Alerts] (6)
Feature Idea: Notifications on Alert Warnings ( 2 ) [Feature Ideas: Alerts] (22)
Feature Idea: Newrelic for Jython [Feature Ideas: Python Agent] (2)
Feature Idea: Insights - can we haz templating variables like Grafana? [Feature Ideas: Insights] (2)
Mass query update [Feature Ideas: Insights] (2)
Feature Idea: Dashboard - linked facets missing [Feature Ideas: New Relic One] (8)
Feature Idea: FACET cases() support in New Relic One [Feature Ideas: New Relic One] (6)
Feature Idea: Share Insights Dashboards Externally [Feature Ideas: Insights] (17)
Feature Idea: Lambda Deployment Marker [Feature Ideas: Infrastructure] (2)
Feature Idea: Allow Selection of Entities for NRQL Alert Conditions [Feature Ideas: Alerts] (6)
Please officially support webpack [Feature Ideas: Node.js Agent] (3)
Feature Idea: Alert Severity Name Change [Feature Ideas: Alerts] (2)
Feature Idea: Export dashboard as PDF - Add timepicker range [Feature Ideas: New Relic One] (2)
Feature Idea: Alerts - 24 hours SINCE instead of Max 120 minutes [Feature Ideas: Alerts] (2)
New Relic Alerts - Maintenance window [Feature Ideas: Alerts] (2)
Feature Idea: Cycle through dashboards in fullscreen mode [Feature Ideas: Insights] (1)
Feature Idea: Report on Swap Memory Usage [Feature Ideas: Alerts] (4)
Feature Idea: NFS Monitoring - I/O Errors [Feature Ideas: Infrastructure] (2)
Prometheus Exporters support [Feature Ideas: Infrastructure] (3)
Feature Idea: MongoDB integration / monitoring (oplog window) [Feature Ideas: Infrastructure] (4)
Feature Idea: Insights - Redis databaseCallCount [Feature Ideas: Insights] (7)
Feature Idea: Health Maps from Multiple Accounts [Feature Ideas: APM/UI] (4)
Feature Idea: "Export Dashboard as PDF" feature needs a "Page Setup" feature [Feature Ideas: New Relic One] (2)
Feature Idea: Vert.x 3.6 and Kotlin coroutines support [Feature Ideas: Java Agent] (14)
Feature Idea: Attaching SQS Queue Alerts to APM [Feature Ideas: Alerts] (4)