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Support: Feature Ideas

Feature Idea: Metric - individual Shard size info within an Elasticsearch Index [Feature Ideas: Infrastructure] (4)
Feature Idea: Can't hide facets in NRQL charts [Feature Ideas: Insights] (6)
Feature Idea: Notes In Alert Condition Definition [Feature Ideas: Alerts] (4)
Feature Idea: Insights usage group by apm application name [Feature Ideas: Insights] (5)
Feature Idea: DashO Mapping.txt - BuildID? [Feature Idea: Mobile APM] (7)
Feature Idea: Get ApiGateway Request Id New Relic in Dashboard [Feature Ideas: Infrastructure] (2)
Feature Idea: Option to hide dashboards in Insights that are meant to be viewed in New Relic One [Feature Ideas: New Relic One] (2)
Feature Idea: Mirroring alerting policies for non-prod and prod [Feature Ideas: Alerts] (2)
Feature request - NRQL string functions ( 2 3 ) [Feature Ideas: Insights] (46)
Combining FACET and COMPARE WITH [Feature Ideas: Insights] (15)
Feature Idea: PHP Browser Auto Instrumentation should have an option to load as an external script [Feature Ideas: Browser] (2)
Feature Idea: Is there a guide to instrumenting a Nextjs application? [Feature Ideas: Node.js Agent] (2)
Feature Idea: Embedded Chart Support (With Thresholding) [Feature Ideas: New Relic One] (3)
Feature Idea: Collect Events within Insights Without Custom Key Header [Feature Ideas: Insights] (6)
Feature Idea: SPA with multiple apps setup [Feature Ideas: Browser] (5)
Feature Idea: We want to know what all alerts are tagged to an infrastructure host in NewRelic [Feature Ideas: Alerts] (4)
Feature Idea: Oracle On-host Integration on Windows [Feature Ideas: Infrastructure] (2)
Feature Idea: Synthetic Support for Google OAuth2? [Feature Ideas: Synthetics] (2)
Feature Idea: Support for Fastify route names [Feature Ideas: Node.js Agent] (8)
Feature Idea: Support hypercorn + quart [Feature Ideas: Python Agent] (6)
Feature Idea: Is there a way to monitor revoked certificates in synthetics API test? [Feature Ideas: Synthetics] (7)
Feature Idea: Include additional data on NrDailyUsage events [Feature Ideas: Insights] (2)
Feature Idea: Turn off "Average of All" graph lines [Feature Ideas: Infrastructure] (12)
Feature Idea: No redis metrics using newrelic-php [Feature Ideas: PHP Agent] (15)
Feature Idea: How to monitor dynamic URL by Synthetics script? [Feature Ideas: Synthetics] (3)
Feature Idea: How to change timezone for alert notifications [Feature Ideas: Alerts] (8)
Feature Idea: Make Host attribute consistent across Infra to maintain Filtering [Feature Ideas: Infrastructure] (1)
Feature Idea: APM Deployment Markers in Insights Dashboards ( 2 ) [Feature Ideas: Insights] (22)
Feature Idea: NewRelic account users' login [Feature Ideas: APM/UI] (2)
Feature idea: Make latest version number available through curl [Feature Ideas: .NET Agent] (2)