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Support: Security Notifications

Notification of security incident (2)

Over the weekend, New Relic was alerted by a sales productivity tool vendor,, about a security breach of their systems, which contained business-card-like customer contact information such as name, email addres…

Security Notifications (1)
Security Update: NR18-11 for Windows Infrastructure Agent (1)
Security Update: NR18-10 for Infrastructure Agent (1)
Security Update: NR18-09 for Java Agent (1)
Updates to the SSL certificates for and (7)
Security Update: NR18-08 for Node.js agent (1)
SSL Certificate Update for - FAQs ( 2 ) (27)
SSL certificate updates: (April 2018) (1)
Security Update: NR18-07 for Java, Python, and .NET agents (1)
Security Update: NR18-06 for Node.js agent (1)
Chrome Certificate Update (18)
Security Update: NR18-05 for Infrastructure Agent (1)
Security Update: NR18-04 for .NET Agent (1)
Security Update: NR18-03 for Synthetics Private Minions (1)
Security Update: NR18-02 for Python Agent (1)
Security Update: NR18-01 for Python Agent (1)
Security Update: NR17-06 for .NET Agent (1)
Security Update: NR17-05 for Java Agent (1)
Security Update: NR17-04 for .NET Agent (1)
Security Update: NR17-03 for Ruby Agent (1)
NR17-02 Security Update for .NET Agent (1)
NR17-01 Security Update for Node.js agent (1)