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Ability to add markers to charts



It would be helpful to be able to add various markers (like deploy markers) to charts like Line Charts to make it easy to determine when these events happened and their impact on data.


@zfriss - That sounds like it would be a great addition to the New Relic One Charting libraries.

I’ll get that sent over to the team as a feature request. For posting here :slight_smile:


Hey @zfriss - I just removed the Feature Idea from this post, because I was informed that markers are already possible in your Nerdpacks.

If you look for the Event bullet point here:

You’ll see info on this:

event : The series will be charted as an event, which is represented as a vertical area behind the main visualization. Events are often used to show alerts. This setting only applies to AreaChart s, LineChart s and ScatterChart s; in other charts the series will not be shown. A vertical marker is also created using an event, in which its start and end values are the same. Vertical markers are often used to show deployment markers.


Oh sweet thanks for the doc link @RyanVeitch

I’d suggest adding a link to that data format doc from the component library: as I didn’t even see that doc existed.


Understood! I’ll pass on that feedback. Thanks @zfriss