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Add a new web Application in my subscription


Hi guys,
At this time, I have published a web application with monitoring in my subscription. But now I need to add another web application in my account. I do not find any option for that in the new relics console that. I have some way to add a new web application to my account or I need to create a new subscription?



Hi, @jorge.rigotti: You may add a new application to your account by selecting “Add more” from the list of applications in New Relic APM:


Hi @philweber, i try that, but no working, my environment is in Docker, i added the agent to docker file and then i deployed my application, but i dont see my new application jet. You have other solution for that?



I think we will need a lot more detail in order to help you:

  • Which language agent are you using?
  • How are you adding it to your Docker image?
  • Are there any relevant messages in the New Relic agent’s log file?