Adding users and roles programmatically

Looking at the NewRelic REST API, it seems that there is no API to programmatically add users or set/unset roles.
Seems that there is only a way to list users (
Is this correct?
Any options or plan to provide such API so we can automate user provisioning through our access approval centralized system?

Hi, @thomas.cherel: There is not an API for adding users, but New Relic does support automated user provisioning from Azure AD, Okta, OneLogin, and other SCIM-compatible providers. Details here:

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Hi @philweber
Thanks for the answer.
Will do more digging on the supported providers but not sure how easy this going to be for us.
We are already have SSO with NewRelic setup (SAML) but I suspect that adding group imports or similar is going to be more challenging.

Hi @thomas.cherel, if you make any headway with your research, please share it with the community if possible :slightly_smiling_face: