Alert/notification for out of date Java agent

I want to receive alert or notification in Slack, if APM’s Java agent is out of dateimage
I’ve been trying to create it using NRQL, but looks like I can’t query latest available agent version and compare it with current one.
We have a lot of APM’s and it’s hard to manually check them all for required agent update.
Please help me with some hints or best practices regarding this issue. Thanks!

And looks like there is logic, which define is my agent out of date or not - 7.9.0 agent is recommended to update to 7.11.1, but 7.10.0 isn’t recommended to update. Maybe I can get info regarding required update using NRQL?

Hi @yauheni.zhukovich - I am not aware of a way to do this in NRQL. However, you could use a scripted synthetic to check the current versions on the New Relic web page, compare this with the current versions you are running and fail the synthetic if there are no matches. Alternatively, you could insert the data as a custom event within the script and set up alerts that way. An example of how to insert data is in this post.

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Hi @yauheni.zhukovich

Thanks for reaching out, I hope you are well.

Looks like @stefan_garnham has shared a great work around ( many thanks ). Please do let us know if this was helpful or should you need additional support.