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Alert - Open Until Manually Closed


We have a number of alerts around APM currently that will drop significantly, then improve enough to clear the alert, when it will drop again. To reduce alert fatigue because of coming back above the threshold, is it possible to have it ‘alert’ and remain in that condition/not alert again until someone manually clears the existing alert? Thsi is happening around issues that are known/being worked on, but, resolution hasn’t been achieved yet.


Hello @tim.davis, We don’t have an option to prevent alerts from closing automatically. But I’ll be happy to submit a feature request on your behalf.

You could however, change the threshold to a higher value so that the alert does not trigger or you could disable the alert condition. You could also remove the notification channels from the alert policy so that even if the alert is fired, you won’t be notified about it.

Let us know if that works for you


The issue isn’t when we threshold. What we need is the ability to have one of 2 conditions:

  • Whenever a value increases from the prior value, issue an alert and stay open until manually closed
    • This would result in the potential to have multiple one time alerts open, if the number kept increasing
  • Generate one alert only if a condition is met, until manually closed
    • This would result in only 1 alarm condition at a time for a given threshold


Hello @tim.davis,

Thanks for providing more details on the feature request. This definitely makes it clear.

I will add these details/options to the internal feature request. :slight_smile: