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Alert policy no "network outage" metric?



The new Alert system doesn’t have a metric for “network outage”? We just experienced our servers being offline for over 2 hours before anyone reported it and NewRelic never sent any alerts… Servers were up but unable to send data to NewRelic (so they all appeared Grayed out when we checked the system)… What do i do in the new Alert system to make it notify us if the servers stop pinging NewRelic for more than 5 minutes?

The old alert system used to email us when servers stopped communicating with NewRelic


Hi @dbatchelder - You are correct, at this time New Alerts does not send a notification for when a server is offline or the agent stops reporting. This is a feature that the team is actively investigating.

I’d encourage you to vote on this feature on this Feature Idea Poll. There is also great information in that post and updates from the Product Manager, Nate, on this.

Also, there is a great Relic Solution post on how the legacy Server downtime alerting functioned.

In the interim, you can continue using the legacy alerting setting for server downtime alerts. If you do not have access to this and would like to regain access to the legacy system, please create a ticket with Support or submit a request on this post.


It has been a couple months, has this feature been re-introduced yet?


Yep, check it out -


I dont see that option in my alert policies conditions… is that the legacy alerts version?


Hi, @dbatchelder: It’s a feature of new alerts, but must be configured in the Infrastructure product.